Friday, May 19, 2006

Released version 0.9.4

Yesterday night I've finally released the version 0.9.4 of Roma Framework. Many news in this release, but the greater satisfaction for me is to watch the project to growth. The download rate is growth along with Wiki page viewed along with external sites that link the Roma Project.

The JMX Monitoring aspect is almost finished, there is the very first preview of "Salsero", the Roma graphical designer tool and much other.

I hope to have a stable version of Salsero for the next Java Day and Java Conference 2006.

Stay tuned!


Cristian Mastrantono said...

Hey... I need some info about Orient, more specifically the internal operation of this ODBMS.
I need to make a work for the university and nonencounter internal documentation of this DB.

Please, I wait for any aid of your part ...

See ya

Cristian Mastrantono said...

my email is

thanks a lot.