Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Roma Framework: New XPath ETL Aspect

Finally in the Roma Framework's SVN repository there is the first ETL aspect implementation for Roma Framework. It allows to import data from CSV files and map content to object properties. Anything is declared in a XML file with XPath rules for mapping.

Easy and cool as usual! ;-)

Monday, November 20, 2006

Roma Framework vs JBoss Seam

After the last JUG Roma event, I've translated the Feature matrix of the match "Roma Meta Framework vs JBoss Seam" in a PDF document available here.

This comparison shows the different approaches of these two frameworks:
  • Roma wins as features for the very fast development: Automatic GUI generation, Much more powerful CRUDs, Users module, etc.
  • JBoss Seam wins for integration of Remoting (EJB 3.0) and for its jBPM and Drolls modules integrated.
By this match I've catched some interesting features of JBoss Seam to implement in Roma Meta Framework. Stay tuned! ;-)

Ciao, LG

Saturday, November 11, 2006


Many people think that the newest JPA is always the best choice now that first EJB 3.0 implementations are released.

JPA is a subset of Sun Microsystem JDO 2.0 standard. JPOX team published a matrix to compare their.

Today Freshmeat wakes up my email account with the new version of JPOX 1.1.4. I'll try it tonight to release it in the next RomaFramework distribution.

Congratulation JPOX team, the best ORM tool I never used. If you cannot use a pure ODBMS, JPOX is the best choice to work with objects and a Relational DBMS. With no doubts!