Friday, May 25, 2007

Jazoon conference

Starting from June, 25th 2007 until June, 28th 2007 I'll be attended to the Jazoon conference in Zurich, Switzerland. It's a technical conference on Java technologies and directions.

Anyone will be present?

Friday, May 04, 2007

Roma framework validation

Today I've successfull integrated the Validation Rules inside Roma Meta Framework.

(1) New annotation attribute to validate against RegExp rule:

public class Account{
private String email;

(2) Integrated the Informagen-Components Component library written by Will Gilbert.

Now Roma uses:

- IntegerTextField for int/Integer attributes
- NumericTextField for float/double/Float/Double attributes
- RegExpTextField for String attributes with "match" annotation (via Java5 annotation or Xml Annotation)

(3) New mean for min/max annotations

Now Roma uses:
- In String fields min/max are the minimum/maximum length
- In number fields min/max are the minimum/maximum value


public class Account{
@ViewField(min=3, max=32)
private String name;

@ViewField(min=18, max=130)
private String age;

Thursday, May 03, 2007

OW2 Election of Individual Members Board of Directors

Some days ago I candidated me as individual member representative in OW2. OW2 born from the merge between ObjectWeb and Orientware. For most people ObjectWeb is the European Apache, for other is the French Apache! :-)

"The OW2 Consortium was initiated on January 1, 2007 through the merger of ObjectWeb and Orientware, two leading open source middleware communities of renown industry players, innovative start-ups, prominent academic organizations and individuals from across the world." - Cut&Paste words from official site.

Yesterday the election was finished and Fran├žois LETELLIER collected higher votes, 49.1%, against my second place with 34.0% votes.

My congratulations to Fran├žois!

I hope to see OW2 to gain the developers interest as much as Apache.