Wednesday, March 29, 2006

JUG Roma meeting march 2006

Some hours ago there was the third JUG Roma meeting (For more information goto in Aubay company. Below the sessions:

First talk: 18.00/19.00
Title: Beehive: Easy and speed for J2EE solutions (facilità e velocità per soluzioni JEE)
Speaker: Nino Guarnacci

Second talk: 19.00/20.00
Title: Persistence and JDO 2.0 (Persistenza e JDO 2.0)
Speaker: Luca Garulli (Yes, me...)

After the talk a good dinner in a restaurant near Piramide area, Rome.

Yes, during my talk I've spent 5 minutes to speak a little bit about the "Off Topic" Roma Framework. Is publicity the soul of business? ;-)

Monday, March 27, 2006

Roma Framework's wiki was born

Finally I've chosen a WiKi platform to handle Roma community and documentation: The software is entirely written in Java and they offer free hosting at acceptable speed (From italy it's quite speed...). What's leave a bad in the mouth is the page layout that cannot be modified, but only at CSS level...

So bear in mind this URL:

Instead I've chosen SourceForge to host the entire SCM of Roma. The main reason is for robustness and quality of service and because now SourceForge supports SVN! ;-)

Starting from today all Roma's news will be published in Wiki Blog at:

Monday, March 13, 2006

Roma: work in progress... part II

after days and nights on my notebook I'm proud to test the first alpha version of the Roma Framework. I've build a car-sharing application as demo (I was tired of ordinary blog or java-pet shop applications). The meaning is to discover what I've missed to build a real world application using the MDA Roma framework...

Below the short roadmap for the alpha release planned for this friday 17th March 2006:
  1. View aspect: Radio and check button support
  2. View aspect: First Page Flow support
And below the roadmap for the next beta version:
  1. Workflow aspect: first implementation using Enhydra Shark (
  2. Compile time wizards:
    1. Create Project Scaffolding
    2. Adding Persistence Aspect (JDO)
    3. Adding View Aspect (Echo2/Ajax)
    4. Generate CRUD Pattern against any complex entity
  3. Dynamic Run-Time Query Generator (something like Atlassian Jira filter)
Stay tuned, in the next days I'll publish the first one alpha release ;-)