Monday, March 27, 2006

Roma Framework's wiki was born

Finally I've chosen a WiKi platform to handle Roma community and documentation: The software is entirely written in Java and they offer free hosting at acceptable speed (From italy it's quite speed...). What's leave a bad in the mouth is the page layout that cannot be modified, but only at CSS level...

So bear in mind this URL:

Instead I've chosen SourceForge to host the entire SCM of Roma. The main reason is for robustness and quality of service and because now SourceForge supports SVN! ;-)

Starting from today all Roma's news will be published in Wiki Blog at:


Ludovic said...


I'm the XWiki Author. Thanks for your interest in XWiki and

Actually you can modify the page layout quite extensively. All the wiki layout is using velocity templates and all of them can be modified in a skin.

Checkout How to create a skin in the FAQ:

Luca Garulli said...

Hi Ludovic,
the page you sent is in French... I'll try to play a little bit with the skin ;-)

Thx, Lvc@