Monday, November 19, 2007

Does Eclipse Europa crash over and over again?

If even the changes described in my previous post you have problems with Eclipse 3.3 (Europa), then probably you're using the same workspace from a long. Create a brand new workspace and re-import anything.

Remember you had to re-set all code formatting rules (if they are different by Eclipse built-in) as long as Run/Debug configurations.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Why Eclipse Europa 3.3 crashes

If you're using the latest release of famous IDE you've surely experienced a lot of problems: every 10 minutes it crashes! Time depends by the projects opened and plug-ins installed.

Today my Eclipse crashed at least 15 times. So it was come the time to fix the problem. After some research I discovered the problem. For a well known bug you had to change the way you launch the IDE.

Change your eclipse.ini in the Eclipse's installation directory to:

-showsplash org.eclipse.platform



If you've a lot of memory try my configuration:

-showsplash org.eclipse.platform



Your productivity will thanks ;-)

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

In Memory of Dave Morse, Amiga Co-Founder, 1943-2007

"David Morse, Amiga Computer's co-founder passed away last week. I will remember him always". This is the news found on

I never met David. We're part of different generations. But he worked to create one of best my partner of ever: Amiga computer. I started to play with Commodore 16 when I was about 10 years old. It was the holy communion gift of Diego, one of my best friend. I was amazed how can be easy to instruct a machine to make tasks. Then after so much efforts my mother bought me the first Commodore 64. I spent so much time on it... Playing and programming with the bundled Basic and just 48Kb of RAM.

After some year I was captivated by Amiga 500 computer. At that time I was living in Grosseto, a small town in Tuscany, Italy. So much powerful, so beautiful, so much forward than competitors: 4096 colors, true preemptive multitasking operative system, unix-like shell... So I decided to sold my C64 and all stuffs (games, applications, devices, etc.) to have enough money to buy my Amiga 500. I can remember yet the day my mother, my brother and me went back home with the enormous boxes containing Amiga 500 and the Philips monitor 8833 II. Full afternoons up my keyboard after the school. Amiga was my partner for many years until my last Amiga: the Amiga 1200 model equiped with M68030 50Mhz (a monster at that time).

Thank you again Dave, thanks to your wife Lorraine that surely doesn't know how Dave's creation charmed our generation.


Friday, November 09, 2007

1 Dicembre 2007: JavaDay a Roma

Anche quest'anno la macchina del JavaDay si è messa in moto: sabato 1° dicembre 2007 ci sarà la seconda edizione del JavaDay a Roma. Molti i talk interessanti di cui uno su Roma Meta Framework. Questa volta ho intenzione di partire quasi da subito con una demo, mostrare il designer e il funzionamento "interno" del framework aiutandomi con qualche slide.

Sito ufficiale Javaday di Roma:

Ci vediamo li no? ;-)

Programma completo:

Next generation Web

Java Open Source

Core Java, what's hot

Java enterprise




Second Life e Java: prospettive di comunicazione

Tapestry In Action , nuovi modi di sviluppare applicazioni web

Introduzione alla tecnologia Sun SPOT

Magic Box project: Effective K .I .S .S . with SpringFramework




JSF Integration in JViews - intervento in lingua inglese

Sviluppo rapido di applicazioni utilizzando DDD e Roma Meta Framework

Sessioni Multimediali Voce Video, IM e Presence con i nuovi standard IMS/SIP [SipWork]

SpagoBI: la piattaforma open source di Business Intelligence




Il Web del Futuro: Enterprise e Web Semantico

Sviluppare applicazioni basate su BPEL utilizzando NetBeans e JBI

NASA World Wind for Java: come integrare mappe geografiche tridimensionali nelle applicazioni Java per il desktop

Java e i linguaggi dinamici: come incrementare le potenzialità espressive di Java

Domain Driven Design, agilità e patterns, architettura e test first




Rich Internet Application con Java e Flex


Programmazione Orientata agli Aspetti: cos’è, quando e come applicarla

Terracotta DSO, una soluzione innovativa per software enterprise




Usare Google Web Toolkit per costruire potenti applicazioni AJAX in Java con tanto di gestione offline dei dati

Parancoe: usare i DAO senza implementarli

JRuby e DSL

Clustering a Real World Enterprise Application with Terracotta :Atlassian Jira




Grails, sviluppo rapido di applicazioni web in Groovy + Java

Testing di sistemi enterprise utilizzando strumenti FLOSS

Ruby On Rails

Progettazione di un sistema di Single SignOn che permette l'accesso tramite tipi diversi di credenziali