Monday, January 23, 2006

First JUG-Roma meeting in Rome

The next wednesday, on 25th January 2006, there will be the first one Roma Java User Group (JUGRoma from now) meeting in ProNetics company. There will be two sessions:

First talk: 18.00/19.00
Title: Joone, neural networks in Java (reti neurali in Java)
Speaker: Paolo Marrone

Second talk: 19.00/20.00
Title: Alternative persistence systems (Sistemi di persistenza alternativi)
Speaker: Ugo Landini

After the talk there will be a pizza dinner. For more information see

Friday, January 20, 2006

Roma meta-framework

I'm working in the Roma project and I hope to show a demo for the begin of February. Some thinghs are changed from original idea:
  • Initial Front End implementation will be not more Apache Cocoon2 but Echo2 from NextApp ( . Echo2 is a very powerful Web Framework based on the Swing concepts: project a GUI using components. Echo2 is totally based on Ajax, support natively I18N and it uses the concept of stylesheet to change final render look and feel. Very cool! ;-)
  • The persistence behaviour (JDO) will be not more directly integrated in Roma, but it will use a generic interface to manage objects. Bundled-default implementation will work using the Spring DAO to allow JDO, Hibernate and direct JDBC.
The first internal release 0.5 has the following features:
  • Total POJO Domain introspection.
  • 70% Object Detail View. Now an object is correctly rendered inside a panel and events are hooked with class method. Are supported multi-columns view and rendering of embedded objects. I'm working to relationships using combo (select list) and by opening pop-up (no window, but as layer).
  • 50% Objec tList View. Now allows very complex table with components inside but it yet missed pagination and event management on the table.
  • 100% I18N support integrated.
  • 100% StyleSheet support.
  • 100% Domain POJO configuration by Annotation and XML files.
  • 90% Validation framework (allowing multi-exception in one-shot)
Soon I'll post the architecture and features.

Stay tuned to know more information with Roma!