Friday, January 20, 2006

Roma meta-framework

I'm working in the Roma project and I hope to show a demo for the begin of February. Some thinghs are changed from original idea:
  • Initial Front End implementation will be not more Apache Cocoon2 but Echo2 from NextApp ( . Echo2 is a very powerful Web Framework based on the Swing concepts: project a GUI using components. Echo2 is totally based on Ajax, support natively I18N and it uses the concept of stylesheet to change final render look and feel. Very cool! ;-)
  • The persistence behaviour (JDO) will be not more directly integrated in Roma, but it will use a generic interface to manage objects. Bundled-default implementation will work using the Spring DAO to allow JDO, Hibernate and direct JDBC.
The first internal release 0.5 has the following features:
  • Total POJO Domain introspection.
  • 70% Object Detail View. Now an object is correctly rendered inside a panel and events are hooked with class method. Are supported multi-columns view and rendering of embedded objects. I'm working to relationships using combo (select list) and by opening pop-up (no window, but as layer).
  • 50% Objec tList View. Now allows very complex table with components inside but it yet missed pagination and event management on the table.
  • 100% I18N support integrated.
  • 100% StyleSheet support.
  • 100% Domain POJO configuration by Annotation and XML files.
  • 90% Validation framework (allowing multi-exception in one-shot)
Soon I'll post the architecture and features.

Stay tuned to know more information with Roma!

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