Wednesday, March 29, 2006

JUG Roma meeting march 2006

Some hours ago there was the third JUG Roma meeting (For more information goto in Aubay company. Below the sessions:

First talk: 18.00/19.00
Title: Beehive: Easy and speed for J2EE solutions (facilità e velocità per soluzioni JEE)
Speaker: Nino Guarnacci

Second talk: 19.00/20.00
Title: Persistence and JDO 2.0 (Persistenza e JDO 2.0)
Speaker: Luca Garulli (Yes, me...)

After the talk a good dinner in a restaurant near Piramide area, Rome.

Yes, during my talk I've spent 5 minutes to speak a little bit about the "Off Topic" Roma Framework. Is publicity the soul of business? ;-)

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