Friday, May 25, 2007

Jazoon conference

Starting from June, 25th 2007 until June, 28th 2007 I'll be attended to the Jazoon conference in Zurich, Switzerland. It's a technical conference on Java technologies and directions.

Anyone will be present?


Anonymous said...

May be, I will...

Hey Luca, a friend of mine presented me your framework. I found it very cool.

The live demo doesn't work, does it? The portlets are out of frame, why?

I hope seeing you next,

Luca Garulli said...

Hi Jerry,
the demo has the only purpose to show main Roma Framework features.

Surely we should invest a little bit more time to have the GUI much more pretty.

If you take the source code of demo application you can see by your eyes that things like google-portlet, CRUDs, Relationships and Menus are implemented used few lines of code or no code sometimes.

Luca Garulli