Monday, June 05, 2006

Roma Framework to the next Java Conference 2006

Finally Sun Microsystems Italy has published the almost final session list of the upcoming Java Conference 2006 event. This year will be splitted in two appointments: June, 26th 2006 in Rome and June, 27th-28th 2006 in Milan.

My speak will be on Monday June, 26th 2006 at the "Centro Congressi Roma Eventi" in the center of Rome. Goto to look how to reach the Congress Centre.

The session abstract is: "How build a web application 100% Ajaxed in just one hour using Roma Framework". The session will begin at 17:00 and will finish at 17:45. I'll speak Italian all the time ;-)

I hope to show the new Salsero module to leave Java developers agape!

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Mavi said...

Hello luca I am a student of computer engeenier at Uruguay, we are studing your software as a college work (Orient Technologies), but on the net there is not a lot of information, can you just give me something to check on it. Email me at Thanks a lot ;)