Friday, May 12, 2006

The FreshMeat effect

After the submission of Roma Project to the FreshMeat web site the hosting service (where Roma's WiKi is hosted) went down. I don't know if the cause was the high traffic reached, but for several hours the server was down. I redirected the domain to the Roma's SourceForge home until XWiki service went up.

My thought was to replace the WiKi service with something other, but now XWiki seems fast enought. I'll give to XWiki another chance ;-)

However, after the FreshMeat earthquake yesterday Roma web has reached 1,371 page view and 20 downloads. Thanks to this interest about the project the SourceForge ranking scaled up reaching the 107th position!

In the next days I'll release the new version with many interesting features...

Stay tuned! ;-)


Ludovic said...


I'm the XWiki lead.

We are getting some spam issues on Indeed maybe your freshmeat link added some traffic on top of the already busy traffic.

We will move your wiki to our "premium" hosting space since you are an Open Source project.

We are also working to improve the performance (upgrading to the very soon released 1.0B1 is part of the plan, as well as improve the database setup).

I'd love to have you bear with us until we find a good solution.

Luca Garulli said...

Hi Ludovic,
I've disabled commenting for guests for the spam reason you reported.

However thanks for your support and congratulation for your XWiki project!

Today I've posted the new release of Roma to FreshMeat again...once published I hope XWiki will stay on upright ;-)