Tuesday, February 28, 2006

First ProNetics GoKart contest

Rome, 24th February 2006 time 10:15 PM

On the last thursday Daniele organized the first one ProNetics GoKart contest. Only 6 of us have found the courage to partecipate. Only six proneticsians plus Riccardo (my friend) and Andrea (Daniele's friend)...

The track choosen was the HolyKart (http://www.holykartroma.it), a full rubberized track with perfect equilibrated karts in performances. HolyKart is very professional to simulate a true Grand Prix:
  • 10 minutes of free practices
  • 10 minutes of qualify, valid for the starting grid
  • 8 turns for the real race where anything could happens...
I preput that I never see a Kart before and in facts in the free practices my position was the fourth. Then in the qualify my position was go up until the first one, just a blow better than Spizzi.

In the final race after the firs
t one curve I didn't see anyone and it's finished with my kart that cutted the winning post and Spizzi second after 12,79 seconds... and Blade (Daniele) at 17,27... At the end there was the prize giving with podium and medals!

The day after, for the entire day, on my chest flamed the gold medal. I'm forgetting...everybody how wants can ask me free drive lessons... Muahahah Muahaha

See you to the next GoKart contest!

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