Monday, February 20, 2006

Rome, 19th february 2006.
The persistence aspect finally works! Now Roma Framework can search and create persistent object in transparent way. I've used the latest JPOX JDO implementation.

I've implemented the CRUD pattern and it works very well with Echo2 and its Ajax model reloading the resulting table without refreshing the page. Cool...

I've also changed the inheritance use of forms. Before all forms are derived strictly by the model, but now I've tested it's better create POJO forms and using domain objects per composition. Before:

class AccountNew extends Account
private String confirmPassword;


class AccountNew extends CRUDNew
private Account newValue;
private String confirmPassword;

The main reasons of this change are:
  • Persistence aspect can confuse the derived non-persistent class used for view
  • Can extend the pattern POJOs (like the CRUD, see above)
I hope to finish the jdo persistence aspect for this week and enhance the echo2 view aspect. Stay tuned!

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