Thursday, February 02, 2006

Roma: work in progress...

the work in Roma framework continue. In this week I've refactored many things. But the most important news is the support for a XSL based front-end. The idea is to implement the FrontEnd interfaces building a dynamic form that generates XML. Before to send the XML to the browser it can be rendered by XSL. In this way there is a very SOC (Separation Of Concerns) and a web designer can work only to XSL and CSS.

My idea is to generate XML compatible with the Apache Cocoon CForms form instance format. In this way you can exchange XSLs between Roma and Cocoon... CForms seems to cover complex widget.

The concept rear the new XML front-end is quite near to the Apache Cocoon framework, but using the same cardinal Roma's concepts:
  • Unified Development Model (UDM): the form interaction is 100% object oriented and it's the same as for Echo2 plugin. Soon a tutorial that shows the powerful of OO user interaction.
  • Inheritance: everything in Roma is extensibile using the inheritance concept.
  • View derived from the model: once architect has developed the domain classes and their relationships, the developer can generate complex and full working forms in some minutes.
  • Transparent persistence using JDO 2.0 (JPox implementation) but in the future EJB3.
Stay tuned. I hope to publish the first public release in a couple of weeks.

If you are interested or just want to suggest some idea, please contact me! ;-)

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