Saturday, April 25, 2009

Romulus technical meeting in Madrid

Today has finished the 3-days technical meeting of Romulus. In the first day we've worked in the UPM (Universitad Politecnica de Madrid) class room.

For the second day Carlos Iglesias has organized the entire working day in Segovia, a beautiful city at about one hour from Madrid. We've worked inside a agritourism and eaten a lot of home made food. In the afternoon we have had the social roundtrip in the Segovia city. If you're in Madrid you can't not to visit Segovia! There are a lot of monuments in a so small city. The catedral, the Fortress and the Roman waterworks, all in perfect state. It seems they was built in the past year.

This morning we went back to the UPM class room in order to finish the last pending works and give the new action points. Asset Data is envolved in almost all the activities and I know that when I'm back to Italy a huge work expects me and my company for the next months.

Am I Tired? Not at all. Instead, I'm very excited to go back to work to the new Roma Meta Framework version 2.0 and contributing to the growth of Romulus consortium & technology.

Tomorrow is the last day. Luigi will take the flight in the early morning. Giordano and me, instead, will go to the Toledo city for a fast trip. Just the time to see the centre of the city, buy a tipical medieval sword for my house, having lunch with "Pulpo a la Gallega" and go back to Madrid for the our flight.

Bye bye Spain!

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