Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Released Roma Meta Framework 1.2.0: the latest 1.x version!

Today I've released the version 1.2.0 of Roma Meta Framework. This is the last 1.x version since starting by tomorrow I'll work to the next 2.0 implementing a lot of new ideas born in the last year.

Roma 2.0 will be not more compatible with 1.x but someone will provide a migration tool that will help to port current/old applications to the new one. Soon a presentation of the main new ideas.

A huge work is waiting for me. For this reason let me enjoy the 1.2.0, just for today!

Below the main addictions and improvements of the 1.2.0:

CORE module:
- Created CollectionWrapper domain classes to display collections in better way. Now there are two implementations: TableWrapper<> and MasterDetailWrapper<>. See the Handbook.pdf to know more
- Disable the class checking for hot-updates. Useful in production
- New refresh of multiple fields in one shot or the entire object
- Resolved bug on the session management under WebLogic AppServer

VIEW module:
- New "URL" rendering mode to embed static and dynamic content in forms. Now you can embed HTML files, JSP files and Web sites at all
- Managed render of collections and arrays using the "OBJECTEMBEDDED" mode
- Resolved a bug on table ordering
- Improved Echo2 Table component in order to support the change of the color of the column headers
- Updated to the stable version 2.1.0 of Echo2

- Updated to the stable version 1.1.0 of DataNucleus

ADMIN module:
- Fixed management of Info and InfoCategory instances
- Created CRUD of GenericValue

JETTY module:
- Integrated new release of Jetty 6.1.5
- The script under the user project script/ (and .bat) now works

CRUD wizard module:
- CRUD now generate also: factory class (DDD), repository class (DDD) and an entry in the package.jdo file if any

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