Monday, June 25, 2007

Just arrived in Jazoon 2007

After a lot of troubles I arrived in Zurich, Switzerland! My flight was at 9:40 am but I had to reach the check-in about a couple of hours before. This morning all trains from Roma city to the Fiumicino Airport was suspended for a non planned public protest.

After some minutes of panic a girl I never seen before, come in Parco Leonardo station and invite the hostess sat near me to go along with her to the airport. Since the hostess and me are talking to get a taxi together, that girls seems to come from the sky!

In the car I've discovered that we all togheter are neightbour.

So my trip was saved as much as my conference. The picture you see was shooted by Davide Cerbo, a JUG Roma member while we're waiting to the first one talk: Me as member of Simpson family!

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