Thursday, June 28, 2007

Jazoon 2007, 3rd and last day preview

Here we are,
yesterday afternoon Davide and me taked a look to Zurich city after the only "Social Event" we consumed, the 5D Cinema: Cool but the 4D Cinema in Las Vegas was more realistic IMHO. Anyway Zurich has very beautiful places, anything is in order, people continues to walk smootly: no one run! So much different by Rome...

I've so many photo in my Nikon, but I missed to take the cable with me, so I'll publish once home (It's time I open a Flickr or similar account).

After these three days in Zurich I can make a face-to-face between Zurich and Rome:
Business men cross the city using the mono pattinoOnly children use it
Trams are always on time and never full, trains tooFew trams but bus and metro are often full and overdue
So few cars around, probably since public transportation works fine and other people use cycle (and mono pattino, see above)Too much cars and moto cycles!
Vey few people smile, in public they are very formal, maybe in private no? (I look very strange shops in the city...)You can hear laugh and see smiles in most faces
Everything is in its place and in orderUnordered impression, much more "lived"
Many Italian places such as restaurants and barsI don't know any swiss restaurant in Rome!

I also enjoyed the party in the night, where Bruno Bossola sang as a real singer!

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