Monday, September 23, 2013

New Neo4J marketing campaign

This morning I've read a tweet by Emil Eifrem, CEO of Neo Technology (the company behind Neo4J product).

Do they really had to spend the $ 10.6 Million of dollars received in funding in this marketing operation?

If Open Source OrientDB wasn't SUPERIOR (faster, smarter and more complete) to the OVERPRICED Neo4j, Neo4j wouldn't be so obsessed with campaigning against it.

To remain in the telco field  is like : leader for a while but didn't innovate. And then came ...


Adrain said...

He never mentioned which one does not work ;)

Anyways, I just started doing a POC using OrientDB and I am impressed.
My Goal is to come up with a sample project architecture for usual use case REST web services talking to a database.
Here is the github link -

Luca Garulli said...

Hi Adrian,
good luck. For any question/help don't hesitate to use the FREE community group:!forum/orient-database.