Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Released OrientDB 0.9.22

Hi all,
many thanks to all the contributors for this new piece of software. A new version of OrientDB has been released after more than 1 month of work (and holidays).

Starting from this version you can use OrientDB as a pure GraphDB using the custom API (, by the Tinkerpop stack (Blueprints, Gremlin, Pipes, etc.) or again by using the Erlang language with the Cali project (

Direct URL to download:

New features:
- Issue 21: Full text index against schema fields
- Issue 91: SQL UPDATE against collections and maps
- Issue 94: Support for GREMLIN graph language
- Issue 108: Regular expression support in WHERE clause
- Issue 109: Support for memory clusters inside regular persistent database

- Issue 86: Cannot insert record from console
- Issue 87: Cannot query records from OrientDB Studio Command-page
- Issue 100: Transaction does not work as expected
- Issue 101: Error in using orient queries having ' character
- Issue 104: Bulk record creation in cluster with pre-created indices causes ClassCastException
- Issue 105: Error in using UPDATE query
- Fixed other minor bugs

The next release is planned for the end of September 2010 with the first version of Clustering support. Here the details:

To test the OrientDB Studio go here: Users: reader/reader and writer/writer. To manage the server: root/root.

If you'd like to suggest some new feature for the next releases please open a New Issue as "New feature":

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