Thursday, August 12, 2010

Yesterday Mike Tallent, via Twitter, made his congratulations to me for my recent "Db4o community award".

Is it a joke? The reason seems to reside in the homepage of TevereFlow that claims to support db4o. After some private messages with a db4o guy I explained that TevereFlow supports db4o since it uses DataNucleus as OR-Mapping and it supports db4o. Therefore TevereFlow can run on top of db4o but the support is indirect. All clear.

But after some days I found my name in the "DB4O MOST VALUES PROFESSIONAL" list:

Thanks a lot, but I never have written a single line of code for/with db4o!

Furthermore I'm the author of OrientDB, a competitor of db4o.

So is it a joke? :-)


German Viscuso said...


No it's not a joke, it was a misunderstanding. We usually grant dVP awards to authors of projects that include db4o (but directly).
I will remove your name for the list, sorry if this created any problem for you.

Best regards.


Luca Garulli said...

Hi German,
no problem, it was just funny :-)


Anonymous said...

hilarious! but more so because it was a mistake. I've pretty much ditched db4o for orientdb because of the steep licensing price.