Saturday, February 13, 2010

Orient DB almost ready for the show time!

After some weekends of work I've in my hands the first version of Orient DB! I wrote a lot of Unit Tests that helped me a lot on the heavy refactoring in order to achieve the best performance than ever. The main features of Orient are:
  • Full ACID: Optimistic transaction available with recovery of aborted transactions when the engine restarts. Tested with 1 billion of records even with simulated crashes during the commit phase. Pessimistic (with object-level locking) transaction in the next releases.
  • Extremely light: less than 400kb of jar without any dependency with other libraries
  • Super fast: stores 1,000,000 (yes one million) of records in 3.5 seconds on common hardware (my notebook). The KeyValue engine stores 100,000 entries indexed in 9 seconds. Lookups are so fast as memory access.
  • tested up to 1 billion of records, but the limits are up to 9.223.372.036 Billions. Actually I think I'll never will be able to include this test in my Unit tests :-)
  • A lot of cool features such as Asynchronous Queries, SQL language, Partitioning of data, native sharding support, and more
  • Requires: Java5 or major and run on all the most used Operative Systems.
What about the license? I have no choose yet, maybe LGPL?

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