Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Scripting RAD tools such as Ruby on Rails and Grails can be really slow?

Tiago Fernandez in his blog reported some results about benchmarks using Java, JRuby, Groovy and Scala. I know: we can talk about benchmarks for days but in the Internet there are a lot of them and the performance problems of the scripting language is not a news.

Results show that Groovy is very slow in comparison to the pure Java and the Scala scripting language. This could be a serious reason to be worried when your application created with Grails or RoR goes in production...

So, why don't you use a real Java RAD tool like Roma Meta Framework? :-)

You can develop shortly without using a scripting language with the benefits of great refactoring support (Eclipse, Netbeans and IntelliJ are master on it) and performance and scalability!

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