Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Back to work: Roma Meta Framework updates

After some days since last post I'd like to share latest more relevant news about the Roma Meta Framework project:
  • New Web Site in replace of the older one made using XWiki. Take a look: http://www.romaframework.org
  • Finally we have the new Roma Handbook manual available in PDF and updated at weekly basis.
  • We're at good point (together with Gesfor company in Spain) on development of the new view aspect that will join side by side the Echo2 View Aspect. The new Aspect generates pure XHTML 1.0 strict & CSS2. Furthermore supports partial/total use of JSP template. Very cool.
  • Imola Informatica, member of Romulus consortium, has developed the Eclpise plugin for Roma. Now it's in alpha status yet but very soon it will be published.
  • We've a new guy as Committer of Roma: Marco De Stefano. Welcome aboard!
  • New Semantic Aspect. It's full working and exports all or piece of your application domain in to RDF format.
  • The community is developing 2 new wizards for Roma: upgrade and update. The first one will upgrade your Roma installation with the latest one (or only the modules you want). The second one will update a Roma project with the new module. Each module will work for the transparent migration between releases. Planned for the end of October 2008.
  • Realm support. Now you can deploy a single Web Application but supporting multiple realms as separate environment, each one with own users, profiles, etc.

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