Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Registered mark

The Italian office for marks and patents is called "Ufficio Marchi e Brevetti". Yesterday I wondered its database is on-line and available for free to search registered patents and marks: After a bounche of attempts in error (timeouts and internal errors) I found my registered mark: Orient! This is the logo:
Request number: RM2000C002881 of May, 9th 2000
Registration number: 0000899116 of June, 24th 2003

It's true: I registered it on May 9th 2000 and there is my very old address where I lived. By the way: what is the future of Orient ODBMS? I don't know. I've no time to work on it anymore and I need a help in order to restart the project again. Any volunteers? :-)

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