Monday, February 25, 2008

Comparison between Roma Framework and Grails, Ruby on Rails, Trails, etc

The Romulus project is started and the very first task is to write requirements. Romulus wants, between the other, improve the Roma Meta Framework with the state-of-the-art of ideas and technologies available around.

Today, in AssetData, we will start to write down a comparison matrix between Roma Framework and other famous frameworks (Grails, Ruby on Rails, Trails, etc) in order to find interesting points to import in Roma.

Yes these frameworks have the main goal to speed up the development and testing processes. Good, but this is only the second one for Roma. Roma is a Meta framework. This is the first Roma's goal: break coupling between domain code and other tools and frameworks.

For this reason the comparison will cover only the rapid development concerns between all these frameworks. If you know quite well one of these please send me a feedback with the pro/cons you found or just your opinion.

Grails will be the first one to be examined. Grails promises to increase productivity using main ideas taken by Ruby on Rails. Grails is 100% based on the Groovy language.

Which are the most interesting features Grails owns and can be imported in Roma? Stay tuned ;-)

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