Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Finally released Roma Meta Framework 1.0 rc4

This should be the last one before the official 1.0, but I repeat to myself this period from a long. Not that Roma is not mature yet, but I'd like to have a release where the Roma committers don't put so many improvements and news in general.

First of all I've changed the way to release it on SourceForge. Now there are:
  • The Web Wizard distribution containing all startup modules and the most used (as form of sources and binaries)
  • Plug-ins as individual packages such as Workflow, Monitoring, ETL, Scheduler, etc.
The main news of 1.0 rc4 are:
  • New Designer module to customize your application using the Drag&Drop GUI. It allows to change any configured annotations plus to layout screen and form areas
  • Deep refactoring of ETL-XPath module. Now allows to use scripting to define record and field transformers. Plus a new GUI in form of wizard to configure the ETL process. ETL supports extraction from CSV and SQL sources and import on POJO and CSV.
  • New Reporting JR module to generate dynamically reports using Jasper Reports. Report can be in form of PDF, CSV and MS Excel. Now you can display the report of any GUI at the fly
  • New "Web Ready" project type to start from a ready-for-the-web application
  • Enhanced all CRUD inserting "report" button
  • Resolved a lot of issues (see SourceForge tracker)
  • Minor improvements


James Agada said...

I would very much like to try it out but where is the documentation?

Luca Garulli said...

Go online to: http://www.romaframework.org. Very soon will be published online the PDF manual "Roma Handbook".


AlbertoBB said...


I have been trying to read more doc, ROMA looks great by the way, but the .pdf link ( http://www.romaframework.org/doc/RomaHandbook.pdf ) seems to be broken.

Any ideas?

TIA and best regards


Luca Garulli said...

Hi Alberto,
the link is good, but many part of the document are in blank yet.

We're working on it ;-)


Giuseppe Contartese said...

Hi Luca, I strngly advice to upgrade persistence aspect jars and suggest to everybody the use of lazy loading by follow entry :
"entry key="datanucleus.cache.collections.lazy" value="true"
it can increase the performance of 80% .

Luca Garulli said...

Hi Giuseppe,
thank you for the tip. I disabled it long time ago for issues on object loading but I'm ready to retry it again.

Today I've enabled that option in Cornelius application (http://sourceforge.net/projects/cornelius) and I'll monitor it in the following days.