Tuesday, March 13, 2007

From Jakarta Common Logging to SLF4J: NDC is missed?

Reading the Sergio's blog I wrote down to avoid to use Jakarta Common Logging APIs (JCL) in favour of Simple Logging Facade For Java (SLF4J)

I decided to refactor all Roma Framework in support of SLF4J, but I'm surprised to not find an interface for Log4J Nested Diagnostics Contexts (NDC)!!! NDC is a static class that allows to track user session information in Log4J.

So now Roma Echo2 module will depend by SLF4J and Log4J directly. Tomorrow I'll write a generic interface to abstract NDC behaviour + Log4J implementation. Does SLF4J guys will appreciate this contribute? We'll see ;-)

1 comment:

Niels said...

Hi - miss that too. Pleeease blog about it when you have an implementation. :)