Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Very close the next release 0.9.9 of Roma Framework

After about 3 months of work I'm ready to release the new release 0.9.9 of Roma Meta Framework Project.

This will be the last version before the official 1.0. Until now I always preferred to not sacrifice the refactoring of Roma sources to mantain compatibility with previous release. Starting from 1.0 I'm conscious I'll cannot change the sources in a rough manner as now!

I want to give thanks to all Roma users and developers for the patience to adapt their application sources after every SVN update command :-D

What are the news of the version 0.9.9?
  • New ETL aspect to import POJO from CSV files defining mapping rules by XPath
  • New rendering components (Accordion, ImageButton, Image, TableEdit) and enhanced existents
  • Integrated JSP module to use JSP along with Echo2 components
  • New Roma Test Presentation demo application
  • New IN operator in PersistenceAspect
  • Cache in database operations
  • Support for JDO2 Fetch Group to speed up queries
  • Enhanced USERS module with Active Sessions, Info Categories, and more
  • Tons of bugs fixed
  • Much other

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