Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Wednesday in Bruxelles

Today I was attendeed in Bruxelles in order to discover interesting projects financed by the European Commission. The aim is finding projects with some relationships with the Romulus requirements and goals.

At 12:00pm Carlos shortly explained the Romuus project to each other partecipants. The presentation resume is available here.

The room is very big, a WiFi connection is available to all the partecipants, big projector, audio/video room and a microphone every 2 places. There is also the translation room, but is empty since the meeting is in english language. Unfortunately I can't shoot it since my notebook's webcam is burn and my Nokia's phone camera idem...

My flight will take off tomorrow afternoon so I'd like to catch a glimpse of the centre of the city this night. I'm trying to communicate with Francesco (He started working in Bruxelles some days ago) but his belgium phone number seems to be wrong!

I hope Francesco will read my blog feed before to leave Bruxelles ;-)

Saturday, March 01, 2008

JDO versus JPA

Very often someone ask me what to use for persistence in modern JEE applications: JPA or JDO? Well, JPA is born after JDO and seems to be official supported by Sun since it's part of EJB 3 specification.

But my response is always the same: use a JDO implementation if you want a more powerful tool. JDO 2.1 is a superset of JPA 1 standard.

A feature matrix is available here: