Monday, December 22, 2008

Roma JavaDay III edition in Rome

Today, 3 years after its inception, the JavaDay in Rome is the technical reference event for Java technology in Italy. It boasts a terrific turnout and the participation of the most eminent speakers of the community.

The Rome JavaDay takes place at Università Roma TRE with the purpose of establishing a privileged channel with university students. It has a highly technical connotation and is a joint-effort of three Italian Java communities, namely Java User Group Roma, Java Italian Portal e Java Italian Association.

Attendance is free of charge.

IMHO the most interesting talk is: ROMULUS. Java Web Development made productive

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

1° Trofeo di Texas Hold'em "All in Asset"

Ieri sera si è tenuto in Asset Data il primo trofeo di Texas Hold'em:

"All in Asset"

Il vincitore è stato Alfonso, secondo classificato Molins.

Alfonso ha vinto praticamente la maggior parte delle mani. Quelle in cui non ha vinto è perchè è uscito in corsa per timore, ma alla fine i punti in mano suoi erano sempre vincenti su tutti!

Che spettacolo vederlo con tutte quelle torri di fiches... Sembrava Rupert Murdoch!

Con tutta la fortuna che si è ritrovato...Gli è stato consigliato di chiamare subito a casa per controllare La Donna! ;-)

Friday, December 05, 2008

Java Pretty code II

Another piece of pretty code:

public class MyClass{
 public MyClass() {

 public MyClass(String iClass, String projectPath) {
  /* Instantiates MyClass */
  MyClass obj = new MyClass();
  obj.create(iClass, projectPath);

Why to create an object of the same class to call the method on it?

To the next piece of pretty code!

Java Pretty code

Today, between a debug and another one I found this nice thing:

private VectorString> extractFields(Class classObj) {
 String className = classObj.toString();
 className = className.substring(6, className.length());

 Class obj = null;
 try {
  obj = Class.forName(className);
 } catch (ClassNotFoundException e1) {


1) Please note the toString() call and then the extraction of the result cutting from the 6th character... But why don't simply to use the getName() method?
2) And at the end... Why to extract the name of the class and then reload the class by the extracted name to obtain...always the Class taken as parameter!

These are pearls folks!