Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Integrating Terracotta in Roma

I'm working to integrate Terracotta with Roma Framework. The problem I encountered until now are due to Echo2 framework. It stores in HttpSession references to internal components and HttpSession itself.

This is the reason because Terracotta Session Configuraor asks me to insert in the tc-config.xml so many classes and boot-classes!

What I'd like to try is to store only user domain objects. If will work, the clustering workload will be much more light and the user (programmer) will not worry anymore about to assure any frameworks he's using to be terracotta compatible.

Good luck to myself!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Released version 1.0 rc 1

Yesterday I've released Roma Framework version 1.0 release candidate 1 after about 4 months from last official 0.9.9. I hope to close the release candidate phase for April 2007.

There are again few more things to resolve before final 1.0:

- PersistenceAspect mode: define a better way to declare it
- Portlet support: areas are rendered not in order mode
- Tree component support
- #1693538 Divide Spring file in multiple sub-files

Resolve known bugs:

- #1684653 portlet